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Moving forward (next meeting)
Dominick - 01.27.2001 - 03:15:26 EST

Greetings, all.

We've had the first meeting about the new project, and discussed how to handle getting the rest of the work done. We're planning to do some more focused meetings in the future, the first centered on writing issues. This will be a good opportunity for all members to get a closer look at the game's story and ask questions, as well as for the writers to receive their first assignments.

Before the meeting, please take a moment to look at Alcan's notes at
http://achurch.org/flome/pq/ so you can get up to speed. We will cover the following areas:

Staff areas of responsibility
Plotline overview
Character Q & A
Initial location(s)
Initial events, pre-game background

Please plan to be in #FF1R on EsperNet Saturday, February 3 at 10:00pm EST (noon Sunday in Japan). The meeting is planned to be 90 minutes in length, ending at 11:30pm EST. Please contact Alcan, Legend, or me if you have difficulty attending during this timeframe.