Geiger's Crypt (see license)

Documents / Source      
Chrono Trigger Compression 10k   2003.12.16
Chrono Trigger Database
(or in Access 2007 format)
Chrono Trigger Trial Verdicts Guide 2k   2012.06.14
Final Fantasy VI Extract 37k   2006.05.28
Final Fantasy VI Offsets Guide 14k   2003.08.12
Temporal Flux Plugin Architecture 133k v1.00  
Geiger's Snes9x Debugger (screen 2 3) 529k M10R2  
Modern SNES emulator with full tracing and debugging capabilities.      
Peer SPC Mixer 12k v1.0  
.NET Helper utility for changing SPC indexes and instrument tables      
Peer Sprite Viewer (screen 2 3 4) 30k v1.35  
.NET Sprite Viewing utility. Has support for a number of image formats. Also has a few special functions such as pointer table traversal and palette alignment.      
Peer TBL Editor (screen) 53k v3.38  
.NET string editing utility for Diablo II. Has multi-language user interface support.      
Temporal Flux 236k v3.04 2017.08.08
(screen 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26)      
.NET Chrono Trigger Editor      
Chrono Trigger: A Day at the Fair (screen) 29k v0.55 2011.03.02
IPS format patch. Technology demonstration of an NPC party.      
Chrono Trigger: Actor, Animation, and Static Checker 2k    
Flux file format patch designed for checking the game's actors and their animations and static frames.      
Chrono Trigger: Spooky West 1k    
Example music replacement patch for Chrono Trigger. Just wander away from Truce.      
Chrono Trigger: Temporal Flux Teaser (screen 2) 43k    
IPS format patch. Teaser trailer used to advertise Temporal Flux prior to its release.      
Final Fantasy VI: Equip Anyone (screen 2 3 4) 2k v1.0  
Patch in IPS format allowing any playable character to be equipped / de-equipped for equipment, relics, and espers      
Final Fantasy VI: Painful Chainsaw 2k v1.0  
Patch in IPS format that causes Edgar's chainsaw to do damage if it cannot kill.      
Final Fantasy VI: Select Any Command (screen 2) 3k v1.0  
Patch in IPS format allowing any playable character to select any command from the status screen      
Chrono Trigger SPC Pack 226k    
Some interesting swapped-instruments versions of a few songs, the attract mode versions of the main theme, and music from the Spooky West patch      
Phantom Train Desktop Image      
1024x768 JPEG 166k    
1600x1200 PNG 1513k    
1920x1080 (1080p) PNG 3104k   2011.03.10

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